March 27, 2021

December 1, 2020

"Bought washer very good."
November 14, 2020

"Our experience with the appliance Warehouse in Farmington was awesome me and my husband need a washer and dryer Badly so we was going to go to Lowe's and spend lots of $$$. But my husband said why don't we go to appliances Warehouse in Farmington to see what thay have. so we went when we went in and seen the washer and dryer it was a regular washer and dryer. We used front end washer and dryer but I didn't care as long it works anyway the sign said 399. If we used a debit card it cost a lot more with taxes and all anyway she said if you use cash it's only 400.00 even so we went to the bank came back to pay for the washer and dryer that would have to deliver it to us like Monday or Tuesday because our handle to the tailgate was broken but the delivery guy at the appliance Warehouse showed my husband how the tailgate would come down even though the handle was broken it was awesome we got the washer and dryer that day I'm so so happy we finally got a washer and dryer the main thing why we go to appliances Warehouse in Farmington is that thay are honest people me and my husband Appreciate that I would recommend everybody go there. Thank you appliance Warehouse for y'alls help that mint alot to me."
October 17, 2020

"Appliance warehouse has freshly refurbished used appliances at a fair price and free labor on repairs. (Full 30 day replacement). We have had our washer and dryer replaced during quarantine. They delivered the next day, and allowed me to use their Dolly to move them into place since they currently don't go inside the home. Great service and an absolute bargain on appliances that will still last many years. When it comes to appliances I still like to keep it simple, and analogue, so the older ones work great once they are serviced with new consumables."
August 27, 2020

"Excellent customer service. Above and beyond assistance. Would highly recommend to anyone needing appliance repair or parts. David is the best of the best and saved the day today!"